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Saturday, April 18, 2015

B&W space, Winter 2014-15

As astronomical cameras are usually cooled grayscale CCD-cameras, color images are made by shooting each color channel through a filter. For broad band RGB images usually four filters are used Luminance and RGB-filters. Due to massive light pollution in my location, I'm specialized to a narrowband imaging, it's very effective method to shoot emission nebulae, since they are emitting light in well known wavelengths. All other light can be then filtered out and let just the right wavelength pass through. I'm using the most common combination of emission lines, a light from ionized hydrogen (H-alpha), sulfur (S-II) and oxygen (O-III).

The strongest emission line is usually the H-alpha, it has most of the details also. I'm publishing here a collection of H-alpha images from the Winter season 2014-15. Sometimes B&W images can be very beautiful.

A collection of selected B&W H-alpha nebulae, Winter 2014-15
click for a large image

Pelican Nebula

Pelican Nebula mosaic, a blog post HERE

Pickering's Triangle in O-III light only

Pickering's Triangle in O-III light only, a blog post HERE

NGC 281

NGC 281, a blog post HERE

Sharpless 132

Sharpless 132, Sh2-132, a blog post HERE

Tulip Nebula

The Tulip Nebula, Sh2-101, a blog post HERE  NASA APOD

IC 405

IC 405, the Flaming Star Nebula, a blog post HERE

IC 410

IC 410, a blog post HERE

IC 1805

IC 1805, The Heart Nebula,  a blog post HERE

Melotte 15

Melotte 15 inside IC 1805,  a blog post HERE

NGC 1795

NGC 1795, a blog post HERE

NGC 2175

NGC 2175, The Monkey Head Nebula, a blog post HERE

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Exhibition in Galleria Kajaste, Oulu, Finland

My first art gallery exhibition in Oulu, Finland. 

April 8. - 26.
Wed. - Fri. 14 -19
Sat. - Sun. 12-16


More info about exhibition (In Finnish)
Tietoa näyttelystä suomeksi

Info about the photo above

Monday, April 13, 2015

Melotte 15, a new revision

I did some minor tweaking with the Heart nebula project.  This is a new version out of the 
Melotte 15 area at the heart of the Heart, IC 1805.

Heavenly view to the Melotte 15
Click for a large image

Image is in mapped colors from an emission of  the ionized elements, H-alpha, S-II and O-III. 

A 1:1 detail of the photo above
Click for a large image

The whole large mosaic of the Heart Nebula is at the same resolution.

The whole IC 1805 in mapped colors
Click for a high resolution photo, 2300x1900 pixels and 3MB

Melotte 15 are can be seen at the very center of the IC 1805. The original blog post about this image HERE

Saturday, April 11, 2015

All my new astronomical photos from the Winter season 2014-15

My humble thanks to the supporters, they made my work possible at this Winter season!
First class products and service

This is a collection of my photos from the past Winter season. We are now out of astronomical darkness for about six months due to high latitude, 65N. As every time, it's hard to give up imaging the beauty of the deep sky.

The season was very cloudy too. We had over three months a solid cloud cover this winter and clear nights just now and then. The good side is, that I have been forced to develop new imaging and processing methods to be able to finalise maximum number of photos. The "Tone mapping" method and a new unpublished "VARES" (Variable Resolution imaging method) are very powerful tools for astrophotography. I'll publish the VARES.method in a year or so, after I have tested it well enough.

All of my photos are taken from a light polluted downtown.

A closeup from my last image of the season, IC 1805, the Heart nebula
Click for a large image, 1400 x 1900 and ~2MB
Melotte 15 is a small part of the large mosaic image

A poster format collection from all of my photos from Winter 2014-15
Be sure to click for a large image, 2500 x 4000 pixels and 8MB

Astro Anarchy Observatory Winter 2014-2015

Images in the poster above, from upper left to lower right

  1. NGC 2175, The Monkey Head Nebula, a blog post HERE
  2. NGC 1491, a blog post HERE
  3. Messier 13, a blog post HERE
  4. Messier 3, a blog post HERE
  5. IC 417,  a blog post HERE
  6. Pelican Nebula mosaic, a blog post HERE
  7. IC 443 SNR, a blog post HERE
  8. Cederblad 214, a blog post HERE
  9. Soul Nebula, IC 1848 mosaic, a blog post HERE
  10. IC 410, a blog post HERE
  11. The Propeller Nebula, a blog post HERE
  12. IC 1805, The Heart Nebula,  a blog post HERE
  13. The Great Wall of Cygnus, a blog post HERE
  14. NGC 1795, a blog post HERE
  15. The Tulip Nebula, Sh2-101, a blog post HERE  NASA APOD
  16. Sharpless 115 & Apell 71 PN, a blog post HERE
  17. Pickering's Triangle in O-III light only, a blog post HERE
  18. Sharpless 132, Sh2-132, a blog post HERE
  19. IC 405, the Flaming Star Nebula, a blog post HERE
  20. Abell 85 (CTB1) SNR, a blog post HERE
  21. Sharpless objects 232, 231, 233 and 235, a blog post HERE
  22. NGC 281, a blog post HERE

Some highlights of the season past

Supporters, my humble thanks to the supporters, they made my work possible once again!
This setup was possible due to great support!
The new imaging system. Some image quality analysis can be seen HERE

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014, Royal Observatory of Greenwich, third place.
Over 2500 images from 51 countries participated.

  • I also got one NASA APOD published (Astronomy Picture Of the Day) at November 15, the Tulip nebula.
NASA publication, Sh2-101, the Tulip Nebula

  • Suomen Kuvalehti wrote a large article at the last issue of the year 2014 about my photographing, eleven pages total. (SK 51-52 19.12.2014, pages 1 and 42-51)

California Nebula as an experimental 3D-model
In constellation Perseus

This is a looped video, click to start and stop. This is an experimental test with a 3D-conversion of my astronomical images. Only real elements from my original image are used, there is nothing added but the volumetric information!

I was invited as one of the speakers at the NEAIC conferenceNew York, Spring 2014. 

Two large public artworks from my photos get revealed at 2014. A very large, over 10 x 3m, photographic print on aluminium "Cirrus of Cygnus" and the "Path of Swans", 4 x 2m, on aluminium. Beside public works, many of my photos ended up to a private homes.
Path of Swans, 4x2m

Cirrus of Cygnus 10x3m, the large mosaic image is a very sharp even in this scale.

  • I participated to two art exhibitions with my astronomical photos, one in Helsinki and another here in Oulu. 
3D-exhibition in Helsinki, large anaglyph photos, paintings and a movie.

Sale exhibition in Oulu

One of the most interesting tasks at 2014 was a cooperation with the vocal ensemble Cappella pro Vocale. This cross art production was a mixture of an old vocal music and the astronomical images. The production  took place at the church of  St Thomas. My photos get  projected with three powerful projectors on walls and sealing and everything was matched with the music carefully.  
Projected images in church of St Thomas, image copyright Tuula Jurvelin

Image copyright Antti Nevalainen

Image copyright Jaakko Nurro

Image copyright Jaakko Nurro

  • Optikfestival in Skara, Sweden

Interior of the shop, they have a large stock of products on site.

I had a pleasure to be invited as one of the speakers in "Optikfestival Skara", Sweden. The happening was organized by a Astrosweden, a largest optics retailer in Sweden. They are specialized to Astronomy, nature photography, hunting and microscopy. I was really impressed by the passion and knowledge they have about the the optics! 

  • An exhibition in Galleria Kajaste, Oulu, Finland